Memorial for Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson Memorial Munich 



 The mission of our association is to keep the magical Michael Jackson Memorial in Munich/Germany alive and to help children in honor of Michael Jackson

On the 25th of June 2009 we lost the King of Pop, a great humanitarian and a wonderful human being who inspired all of us and touched so many hearts. Michael Jackson passed away way too soon and that day will always be a dark day for the fans of our beloved Michael Jackson.

Since that day many people all over the world paid tribute to Michael Jackson. Especially his fans wanted to keep his legacy alive, they were looking for a place to mourn and they simply want to show the whole world how much they love Michael Jackson.

That's the reason why the memorial in Munich is existing. It is situated near the hotel "Bayerischer Hof" at the Orlando Di Lasso monument. The so called „memorial fairies“ care for this special place every day and many people from different countries show their deep respect. Since June 2009 the memorial is tolerated by the city and mayor Christian Ude and we are very grateful for that. Thank you for your understanding and tolerance! However we don't take this situation for granted, as the memorial is not official and we are aware of the fact that this current situation might not last forever. Because of that reason we started this petition in order to get an official memorial for Michael Jackson and so we need your help to realise this dream. We would like to have an own and official memorial/monument for Michael Jackson. He deserves an own memorial and he shouldn't have to share it with Orlando Di Lasso (a composer of the late Renaissance). This everlasting memorial would/could show our deep admiration and love for Michael and it would make him really immortal. Michael was such a wonderful human being with a big heart. He deserves it!

With the aid of our launched petition we hope to get enough signatures to realise this dream. The petition is for free, you don't have to pay anything before, while or after signing. We will treat your email-address with confidence!

Please, sign for Michael Jackson's memorial in Munich here!

You can also visit our twitter or facebook accounts to get further information. Please, spread our message... it's all for L.O.V.E. and Michael.

Michael has done so much for us his whole lifetime and he always fought for his dreams. Now it's time for us to fight for him and to give him something back!

We can make it!

Nena Snezana Akhtar & Lisa Schmidt - Founder



Ein Video und Beitrag von münchen-tv über MJ´s LEGACY e.V. & Memorial Munich
"Das Erbe des King of Pop" (3. Juli 2013)